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What's your preference? Pre-Rolls? Top Shelf Flower? Maybe you prefer concentrates. No matter your style, you can find it at Jack's. We're a trustworthy dispensary with a stellar staff selling a wide variety of high-quality cannabis products. Stop in today, we'd love to have you.

Why shop with Jack's Cannabis Co?

To Jack cannabis has always been something that brings people together. Cannabis users have always shared a subtle connection with each other through the years of prohibition when cannabis could only be used behind closed doors. Now, those doors have been opened, and Jack's dispensary is a place where these people can convene to source top notch cannabis products. Jack wishes to create a space where all are welcome and can share their passion for this awesome plant. From newbies to experienced users we're here to help! If you're new to bud, come meet your new buds!

Wide Variety of Products at Great Prices

Employ a kind and knowledgeable team

Provide fast and friendly services

Rotating Competitive Prices Changing Weekly

Whether you want to stick with your tried and true pre rolls or try something new like infused edibles or tinctures, you can count on Jack's Cannabis Co. to source some of the best products and brands in MA.

Recreational VS Medical Marijuana

Recreational- Only need to be 21+ with a valid government-issued ID to purchase

  • Can only purchase from recreational or collocated med/rec facilities
  • Daily purchase limitation equivalent to that of 1 ounce of dry flower (That’s 5g of concentrate or 500mg of edibles)
  • Up to a 20% sales tax
  • Does not require supervision, guidance, or medical endorsement from a medical professional
  • Rec stores cannot give medical advice

Medical- Must be 18+ and have a valid Massachusetts medical marijuana license

  • May make purchases exempt from sales tax
  • Not all dispensaries cater to medical patients. You’ll need to visit a medical or collocated med/rec facility
  • 60 day purchase limitation equivalent to 10 ounces of flower
  • Must be diagnosed with one of MA’s list of qualifying medical conditions for medical marijuana by a doctor
  • Have to register and apply for a license and renew every year