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    Take Cannabis on the Go

    Stop in today to view one of vastest varieties of vape and vape cartridges you could envision in Northampton or Pittsfield, MA

    Lugging around flower or pre-rolls can be a real hassle and leave you smelling like a Willie Nelson concert. Vape pens are one of the easiest, most discrete ways to inhale cannabis. An added benefit is enhanced flavor and no taste of burnt paper. Looking for some top-of-the-line THC carts? Look no further than Jack's Cannabis Co. in Northampton and Pittsfield, MA.

    We carry all the top brands, including:

    • Airo
    • UKU
    • SIRA
    • Select
    • Strane
    • Entourage
    • The Botanist
    • Happy Valley
    • Revolutionary Clinics
    • Green & Gold Supply Co.

    Each product varies in THC and CBD levels. Stop in today and have a chat with our staff to assist you in choosing the correct cannabis cart to meet your needs.

    Choose the right type of vape for you

    Choose the right type of vape for you

    When it comes to Vape Carts, there's so many different options to choose from. Whether you're looking for the standard 510-Thread carts, Pax Pods, or Airo Pods, we've got you! (We also have all the devices and accessories you to need to put these to use.) If you're looking to try out vapes for the first time, try out an All-InOne! These are disposable vape carts that come with a battery attached! Perfect for first-timers looking to dip their toes in the water. We carry a wide variety of vape carts, including:

    • Indica
    • Sativa
    • Hybrid
    • Cold Press
    • CO2
    • Live Resin
    • Full Spectrum
    • Distillate
    • Terpene-Enhanced
    • Naturally flavored

    If you're feeling confused about the overwhelming amount of options when it comes to vaping your cannabis, don't fear, Jack's Cannabis Co. is here. Stop in today or give us a call and our staff will answer any questions you may have!