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    Hand-Pick the Best Cannabis for You

    Browse our marijuana flowers & pre-rolls in Pittsfield or Northampton, MA

    When it comes to cannabis there's a lot of variation and methods of use. With flower, it's the tried & true classic. That's why Jack's Cannabis Co. stocks a wide array of flower in Pittsfield and Northampton, MA. From Indica to Sativa and the Hybrids in-between. We've got the strains you're looking for and some new ones you didn't even know you were. Our stock is ever-shifting, so every time you visit we'll have something new for you to try!

    We also sell many different brands, including:

    • Revolutionary Clinics
    • Strane
    • Cultivate
    • The Botanist
    • SIRA
    • Curaleaf
    • Happy Valley

    Don't forget something to use the flower with! We've got all the accessories you're looking for so you can properly enjoy and utilize your flower. Stop in today or check out our menu to see all the options available for your flower needs!

    Toke the traditional way by trying some of our pre-rolls

    Toke the traditional way by trying some of our pre-rolls

    Sometimes you just want the traditional cannabis experience without any of the hassle. Pre-rolls are cannabis made simple. All you need is a lighter and you're good to go! They're perfect for when you:

    • Need something convenient
    • Have difficulty rolling your own cannabis
    • Want to give it as a gift or share it with friends

    Stop by one of our dispensaries today to see what we have in stock! We offer pre-rolls from a number of different vendors, including Curaleaf, Rev Clinics, The Botanist, and more! Or you can try some of our own pre-rolls that are rolled in-house. You'll definitely leave satisfied because that's just how we roll!