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    Northampton Shopping

    Our Northampton location is open for in store shopping. We are still offering curbside services as well. Customers are encouraged to place their order prior to arrival and schedule a pick-up time in one of the 15 minute time windows throughout the day. Upon arrival, customers will come up to the front door and will be greeted by our agent stationed at the entrance. Once we have checked your ID you will then have the choice to come inside to shop or pick-up your order, or we can accommodate you outside if you do not wish to enter the store. We accept debit card payment outside of the store & debit & cash payments inside the store per State guidelines. We also have an ATM inside. If you have any questions, please call the store for assistance at (413) 570-4631.

    Pittsfield Shopping

    Customers are allowed inside to shop and speak with our agents and complete their transaction. High traffic surfaces are sanitized with a bleach solution regularly throughout the day. Hand sanitizer spray is available throughout the store.

    Customers may also order ahead and have their order brought out to their car when they arrive. When you arrive, you may call (413) 464-9912 (signs are posted in the parking lot) and someone will come out with your receipt for payment. Debit payment is the only payment we accept carside. Everyone in the car will have to present valid state ID showing they are over 21. If you wish to pay with cash you must step inside the vestibule to make the cash transaction per CCC curbside guidelines.

    Mask Policy

    Per CDC & Massachusetts guidelines, customers who have been fully vaccinated are no longer required to wear masks in our stores. If you have not been fully vaccinated, we ask you continue to wear a mask when in our stores, per CDC guidelines. We appreciate your consideration and patronage.


    We accept government issued State I.D.s, Drivers Licenses, Passports, & Passport cards. The I.D. must be fully intact for it to be considered a valid form of I.D.. We will not accept I.D.s that are missing any portion of the I.D. or that have a hole punched in them. I.D.s must be current and not expired. COVID related extensions on expired I.D.s are being considered, please call ahead to confirm your I.D. will be accepted if it expired during the pandemic. If your I.D. does not meet the criteria laid out above please call ahead and inquire about your form of I.D. or you will run the risk of being denied at the door.

    Payment Options

    Customers will pay upon arrival to complete the transaction. We currently only accept DEBIT CARDS and CASH transactions. Debit transactions incur a $2.50 fee. There is an ATM on site.