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    Thirsty for some THC?

    Quench that thirst today with some of our tasty tinctures in Northampton or Pittsfield, MA

    We carry a variety of tinctures for you to indulge in; From ones that will give you the boost you're looking for to power through the rest of that special project or something to help you get to sleep and stay asleep. No matter what the need, we've got your back!

    • Most tinctures are administered through a medicinal style dropper and dropping the liquid underneath your tongue. *Pro-Tip: Let the liquid sit under your tongue for up to 10 seconds to allow ample time for it to absorb and amplify the euphoric effects, then swallow.
    • Our tinctures are produced using only top-tier ingredients.
    • We source our tincture selection from premier Massachusetts' brands like Revolutionary Clinics, Happy Valley, and Curaleaf.

    Our Tinctures

    Tinctures are a great way to start your journey with cannabis. User-friendly, easy to dose, and a rapid onset make this one of the most accessible methods of consumption. Discrete and delectable, we've got the tinctures you're looking for no matter the occasion. We offer:

    • Indica
    • Sativa
    • Hybrid
    • THC & CBD Mixtures

    Stop in today and try out some of these tasty tinctures!